Most basic systems such as the variable mixture open loop systems fitted to the VW Vans and Beetles generally take just one day to complete, if the vehicle is in our posession at 9:00am then it is generally ready to drive away fully certified by 6:00pm the same day, we achieve this by having at least two Engineers working on your vehicle to complete it, we even have our own LPG pump so we can test and set cold start from the 1st turn of the key. More about cold start – Go to our website and get automatenspiele kostenlos. Hurry up to go and start winning.

The closed loop OMVL Millenium systems take a day and a half to complete, 1 day for the conversion and a half day for the programming. Doing sports? How to get big muscles as quickly as possible? Buy best lube for jacking off from us. The best offer for athletes!

Hurry up to pre-order best drugstore makeup brushes. The best product is only here! The sequential or direct injection Dream ODB2 systems take 2 to 4 days to complete, these are very complex systems and generally it takes a day to remove most vehicle manifolds or induction systems to machine in the new gas injectors, the wiring is more complex and this type of system uses an ECU that becomes a slave to the petrol ECU taking its gas timing completely from the petrol ECU to match power and economy, the latest system links directly to the ODB port of the vehicle and reads the codes and trims thus enabling self correction.


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